A mysterious video on the previously empty Instagram account of Stefan Raab (57) raises questions. Will the entertainer and television producer return to the camera soon? He has not appeared in public since 2015 and has only worked in the background on various programs and shows.

The main actor in the recently shared clip is Elton (52), who paddles alone in a canoe boat on a lake to an island and calls out to Raab: “Stefan, where are you?” When he arrives at his destination he finds Raab. “Elton, old fart,” he says – and Raab’s voice is immediately recognizable.

However, the entertainer can only be seen from behind and sitting in a deck chair. “Everyone is looking for you,” Elton tells him. “You’ve been gone for almost ten years now. It’s time you did something again.” However, Raab emphasized that he had already done everything in the past few years. He just hasn’t been an influencer yet.

He then promises Elton that if he also has nine million followers like fitness influencer Pamela Reif (27), “then I’ll do something again […], including fitness videos.” However, Elton only has three days to do this. “All right, I’ll take care of it,” said the moderator. The clip ends with the announcement.

Stefan Raab ended his active television career in 2015 and then completely withdrew from the public eye. Nevertheless, he remained diligent. In the background, he continued to pull the strings on many television projects. At the beginning of this year it was also announced that Raab had founded the new production company Raab Entertainment together with former ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann. “We have a lot planned and want to start the new year with a great team and lots of new ideas,” said a message on LinkedIn.

Regarding the field of activity of their new joint production company it was said: “Raab Entertainment produces moving image content for all broadcasters, platforms and customers. We are creative and hands-on. We develop concepts and ideas that are unique. We are looking for unique people with a lot of skills and know.”