Singer Sebastian Krumbiegel (57) was revealed as “The Crocodile” in the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. The singer of the band Die Prinzen (“Everything was just stolen”) received the fewest votes on Saturday evening and had to take off his costume.

“Can you imagine how warm it is in this costume? I think the coat weighs 120 kilos, you can hardly breathe under the mask. But I have to be honest: It was a good experience. I was finally able to sing differently.”

Krumbiegel recently performed the song “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses on stage. In the finale, “The Flea” and “The Flip Flop” remained, the latter consisting of two singers in sandal costumes.

Michael Schulte was the “mystery”

Singer-songwriter Michael Schulte (34, “You Let Me Walk Alone”) came to a small appearance. The singer, who achieved a very good fourth place for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, slipped out of the mask “The Mystery” on Saturday evening, which a new star wears in each episode and thus has a one-off appearance in the season. “Very warm under the mask,” he said. He had performed the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World.

The jury and audience had recently unanimously guessed Schulte, but at the very beginning they suspected Rea Garvey. “I didn’t know that our voices sounded so similar,” commented Schulte dryly.

The mask is a new feature in the current season of the format. Up until now, the costumes had always been assigned to a specific celebrity. If a mask received too few votes, it was eliminated from the competition. The “mystery” sings outside of the regular competition.