As the nephew of the British King, Peter Phillips (46) is granted up-close insights into the current double cancer drama in the British royal family. In an interview with “Sky News Australia”, Princess Anne’s son (73) revealed how King Charles III, who was suffering from cancer. (75) deals with his illness.

Speaking to the news channel, he said of his royal uncle: “He’s in good spirits, but ultimately he’s extremely frustrated. He’s frustrated that he can’t do everything he would like to do.”

However, Charles’ characteristic pragmatism helped him understand that he now needed to “really focus on himself for a while.” At the same time, he constantly urges his employees and doctors to give him more freedom to fulfill his royal obligations.

“I think the main message is that he’s obviously very eager to get back to some sort of normality and he’s probably frustrated that his recovery is taking a little longer than he would like,” Phillips said.

Peter Phillips also commented on the impression he got from how Princess Kate (42), who also had cancer, dealt with her diagnosis. Her bravery is “remarkable” and in his opinion she and her husband Prince William (41) “did everything right” in trying to reconcile their private life with their public role.