More than seven million Germans were registered in a football club in 2022 – including many children and young people. Only fitness clubs had more members on paper, according to a 2022 Statista survey. And no matter how excellently one can discuss the moral decay in professional football and the sometimes anything but exemplary behavior of so-called football idols: No other sport attracts as many would-be Messis and hobby Haalands to the fresh air as king football. The youth departments of the vast majority of football clubs can hardly save themselves from inquiries. And that’s good. Even if you are helpless in the face of this onslaught due to a lack of sports areas and supervisors in many places. But this is another story.

That “the round belongs in the square” is the undisputed wisdom of football. Now there are the angular (just like the round) in all kinds of designs. Especially when it comes to soccer goals for children, there is a large selection. In clubs, stable mini goals are played for the youngest. They are 1.20 meters wide and 80 centimeters high and are recommended by the German Football Association (DFB) for the Funino game form introduced in F and E youth. However, such gates with thick and fully welded aluminum profiles are rather unsuitable for your own garden. On the one hand because they are bulky and heavy, on the other hand the aluminum mini goals in a set cost up to 1000 euros. This saves space and, above all, is significantly cheaper.

The so-called BazookaGoal is one of the most popular soccer goals for children. According to the manufacturer, the original stands within ten seconds, has the dimensions of an aluminum mini goal and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Including the carrying case, the pop-up case weighs just over four kilograms. The linkage is made of fiberglass composites. Integrated springs ensure that the BazookaGoal stands securely even without being fixed to the ground. Our opinion: An exciting option not only for the garden, but also for the holidays. Provided you go on holiday by car.

Pop-up goals with thin fiberglass poles are significantly cheaper. Although they stand a little faster than the bazooka, they are not nearly as resistant. For children up to the age of six, however, these foldable football goals also serve their purpose. Nice: They are usually offered as a set of 2. The EasyPlay suit weighs only about a kilogram and comes with four ground anchors and four protective feet for asphalt, which can be stowed in a crossbody carry bag.

The tiny ones from Umbro are ideal both as beach and indoor soccer goals. With a width of only 50 centimeters, you have to aim very precisely here, but the foldable set fits in any beach bag and at 1.3 kilograms is not too heavy. The rods are made of plastic and the folding technique is similar to that of the BazookaGoal.

Anyone who has the opportunity to permanently set up football goals for the children in the garden should make sure that the rods and the net are weatherproof and weatherproof. In addition, to fix it in the ground, you need something more than a bent aluminum ground anchor. If possible, it can be helpful to anchor the gates to the rear, similar to a tent. With Pro Tect by Hudora, the posts and crossbar are covered with soft foam to reduce the risk of injury. With a weight of around ten kilograms per goal, this variant can only be recommended for permanent installation. In addition, there should be a way to dry the goals in winter. Attention: Larger goals can usually no longer be folded up and require a corresponding amount of space.

So that the soccer goals stand securely, they should always be fixed in the ground. If the supplied ground anchors are not sufficient, U-shaped wind spikes can help. They are placed on the cross braces from above and pressed into the ground. This reduces the risk of ripping the ground anchors out of the ground with a powerful shot. Mobile goal walls, which are mainly available for goals with larger dimensions, are more entertaining. The tarpaulins with the holes at the bottom right and top left typical of goal walls (here’s a model from Hudora) are usually attached to the posts and crossbar using a click system. The goal wall shooting can begin. And we almost forgot “the round”. In the E and F youth, the DFB recommends size 3 footballs. The Ultra Light Synergy 290 from Uhlsport weighs only 290 grams and is therefore perfectly suitable for the still growing bones and joints of the small kickers: inside.

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