In a certain way, Micaela Schäfer’s (40) business model can certainly be described as conservative. For 20 years now, she has been letting her guard down in public with persistent reliability and diligently working her way through all the reality shows on the German television world. Few people would have expected that the self-confessed trash icon would also pursue deeper interests outside of the erotic business and think about the political future of her fatherland. In order to help shape this future personally, she recently joined the Berlin CDU district association Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

As “Bild” reports, she ventured into the political arena together with her long-time friend Julian F.M. Stoeckel (37), who appeared in January 2014 as a participant in the eighth season of the reality show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” had his big breakthrough. Schäfer justified her entry into politics with the following words: “I think it’s important to show that you can vote. I’m worried that so many people are voting for the AfD. I really believe that the majority of Germans are sensible.”

What appeals to the professional exhibitionist about the party program of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany is that it takes a tough stance on social issues and recently spoke out in favor of a reform of citizens’ benefits and a stricter approach to welfare recipients who are unwilling to work. “It’s important to me that the unemployment rate falls,” says the busy erotic entrepreneur. “There are enough unemployed people who could compensate for the shortage of skilled workers. There needs to be more pressure.”

The fact that Micaela Schäfer has a certain soft spot for conservative politics and its representatives was already made clear in 2004 through a scandal-ridden relationship with the then young CDU politician Sebastian Czaja (40), the brother of the former CDU general secretary Mario Czaja (48). . After the separation, the politician, who is now politically at home with the FDP, cited the incompatibility of their life plans as the reason for the relationship’s failure. “She was pretty to look at back then,” said Czaja in “Bild” at the time. “But I quickly realized that we have different goals in life.”

Judith Stückler (57), head of the Berlin CDU local branch Charlottenburg North, told “Bild” that she was extremely pleased about the prominent new addition. With a clear view of Micaela Schäfer’s potential for the election campaign, she told the newspaper: “We would be happy about your support for the European elections and would like to invite you to the town hall and to eat asparagus. Through you I will get to know the cultural scene better.”