Matthias Schweighöfer (42) and actress Ruby O. Fee (27) have been a couple since 2019. In Barbara Schöneberger’s podcast “With the waffles of a woman”, the internationally successful film star reported that life at her side makes him happy, but that it doesn’t always go smoothly on stage. Among other things, he revealed to the star presenter: “We do couple therapy”.

When Schöneberger asked, the actor went into more detail on the tricky subject: “I have two sides to me,” he explained, “one is – I think I really have a real hit there too, closeness, distance is there I’ve had the same thing, a nightmare. I’m someone who also clings, someone who finds it more difficult to let go, holds on to certain moments.” On the other hand, he is also someone who “loves to do his own thing”.

In the meantime, his girlfriend has “moved in a bit” into his house in Los Angeles, which makes it necessary to work more on his quirks. The joint therapy helps him to learn to “let go better”.

Barbara Schöneberger, notorious for slippery questions in her podcast, took Schweighöfer’s intimate confession as an opportunity to also squeeze him about his sex life. The actor promptly reported on temporary sex problems he was struggling with. However, these would have more physical causes: “I recently had a herniated disc …” he revealed. “I notice differences. Even something like that at 42 puts you in a position where you’re like, ‘I’m really old’.”

Medical support helped him in this matter as well. “I have a good physical therapist. Muscle building and positive thoughts,” he reported. And added: “I can tell you: Roger Rabbit is on the road again…”