Sometimes reality and wishful thinking are side by side when a potential new Hollywood dating couple suddenly appears on the scene. At the beginning of the rumor mill, who would have seriously expected that Ben Affleck (50) and Jennifer Lopez (53) would really find each other and finally even together before the wedding age? The situation is still unclear for actor Timothée Chalamet (27) and reality TV star Kylie Jenner (25). However, rumors of a relationship between the two have been around for so long that they can hardly be ignored. What are the pros and cons of Cupid tinkering with the next celebrity couple?

The search for clues initially leads to the beginning of 2023. Initially, “DeuxMoi”, an Instagram account for celebrity gossip, reported on a connection between the two. A source reports that the pair traveled together on Jenner’s New Year’s trip to Aspen. Then again, Jenner and Chalamet are said to have met at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris fashion show in mid-January. This would not be a direct contradiction – and the fact is that both were there in Paris.

Speculations picked up speed again just last week. The reason: Allegedly, Kylie Jenner’s car was spotted in front of Chalamet’s booth in Los Angeles and the two were spotted a little later on a taco date in Santa Monica.

Although the two stars are completely covered on the matter, US media have still caught voices. “They hang out together and are just getting to know each other,” quotes “People” from a supposed informant – whether finding the truth or the urge to be recognized led to this statement is a matter of speculation. In addition, the wording leaves open the possibility that the two are just good friends.

The famous Coachella music and arts festival has been taking place in California since April 14th. The event is considered a hotspot for stars and starlets, so the celebrity density is immense. Both Jenner and Chalamet were spotted performing at music acts this past weekend, but it didn’t really reveal anything about their relationship status. So both found themselves at the respective gig of Bad Bunny (29) and Frank Ocean (35), but according to eyewitnesses they were not standing together. After all, none of them was spotted kissing another person.

Morally nothing would speak against a love relationship. The “Dune” actor has always been associated with women like Lourdes Leon (26) or Lily-Rose Depp (23), but apparently nothing serious happened. And Jenner has also been single since late last year. She split from rapper Travis Scott (31) – the father of her two children – after he is said to have had an affair.