After a nearly ten-year dispute, American singer Kesha (36) and her former music producer Dr. Luke (49, born Lukasz Gottwald) surprisingly settled his long-standing legal dispute out of court. In October 2014, the singer reported the successful music producer for alleged sexual harassment, coercion and rape. He responded with a counterclaim, claiming that Kesha’s main purpose with her allegations was to change her management and change her contract.

The process meanwhile experienced some bizarre turns. For example, in 2016, a text message by Kesha to her colleague Lady Gaga (37) became the subject of the proceedings, in which she claimed that Dr. Luke also raped the singer Katy Perry (38) next to her. Perry immediately denied that claim.

Details of the out-of-court settlement, which the two parties now appear to have reached, are not yet known. Apparently, part of that agreement was a joint public statement made by both Dr. Luke and Kesha posted on their Instagram accounts yesterday (June 22). There is no jointly formulated text, but rather two individual statements by the two to settle their legal dispute.

In it, Kesha announces: “God only knows what happened that night. As I’ve always said, I can’t remember everything that happened. I look forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life close and start a new one. I wish all involved nothing but peace.”

dr Luke was also relieved, writing, “While I appreciate Kesha again admitting that she can’t remember what happened that night in 2005, I’m absolutely certain nothing happened. Me never drugged or assaulted her and would never do that to anyone. For the sake of my family I have fought valiantly to clear my name for almost 10 years. It is time I put this difficult matter behind me and with my get on with life. I wish Kesha all the best.”