Much is known about the former figure skating star Katarina Witt (57) – only about her love life and current life partner are facts rarely made public. One of these rare facts is the fact that the attractive ex-sportswoman has never married in her life, although there has obviously never been a lack of interested parties. But she even turned down a marriage proposal from Hollywood actor Danny Huston (61, “Yellowstone”) in 1995 to ensure her independence.

In an interview with “Bild”, however, she indicated that she was by no means averse to a late wedding. There she emphasized that she had “not yet” married and in this context addressed the late marriage happiness of the presenter Birgit Schrowange (65), who first married her fiancé Frank Spothelfer (57) on July 16. Her surprising comment: “Birgit Schrowange is currently a radiant and in love role model.”

At the same time, she explained why she herself has not yet given the yes word to any candidate. “I was a free spirit. Always lived in the moment and for my job,” she revealed. “I enjoyed it so much that I traveled the world almost restlessly. Sometimes the subconscious just makes the decision for the rest of your life. I lived fulfilling relationships with great men, also in close family groups and patchwork.”

She finds it flattering, but also irritating, that many men still see her as an absolute dream woman. “I think I’m much more of a buddy than a dream girl,” she explained. “I’m very womanly, but also direct and boyish. I laugh a lot, often too loud, and my economic independence was always extremely important to me.”

After the end of her sporting career, the multiple Olympic champion worked, among other things, as a producer of figure skating and television shows or as a presenter on shows such as “Let’s Dance” and “The Biggest Loser”. In 2019 she opened her own sports studio “Kukenstar by Katarina Witt” in Potsdam. Her eventful life story is currently being filmed by ZDF under the title “A freestyle that stays”.