Day 14 in the jungle and you have to say it so bluntly, clip and transparent cover, Buddah to the fish: For the remaining campers, it’s no longer just about winning 100,000 euros and the shine of a quickly withered jungle crown. It’s about the big picture – especially for one: Lucas Cordalis.

The man who was considered the favorite for the jungle crown (why exactly?), the man who had less airtime in week 1 than the nocturnal frog family, the man who at 55 is still known as “the son of” (Costa Cordalis) optionally “the man from” (Daniela Katzenberger) is presented. Or can you sing into a Lucas hit straight away? “Anita” doesn’t apply! A look at the song titles of his current album sounds almost prophetic: “Through Hell” is one, “The madness remains” is another.

If Gigi Birofio and Papis Loveday had their way, Lucas should urgently record a cover version of “Ein Mänlein wird im Walde” or a song called “I’m just a victim, that’s what I am”. They went to the jungle test “Unhappy Hour” as “The Three Musketeers”, they came back as a male version of Tic Tac Toe: Gigi raged: “For me he is a BlendNer, a faker, he has no balls in his pants! ” But even the well-balanced dad was pissed off: “You’re the wrong man. I won’t talk to you anymore, keep your distance!” he hissed at Lucas.

Lucas: “I could also say 1000 things”

While daddies and Gigi bravely choked down disgusting food and drink, Lucas was on standby: “I don’t have any spit in my mouth today,” he explains his inability to swallow. That had almost Honeyian qualities. The older ones remember: The model Alexander Keen aka Honey once refused an exam with the comment “My neck is too big”. While Gigi and Dad bit their way through, Cordalis chewed on goat testicles in slow motion, but still had spit for patronizing things like: “You have more practice in swallowing, that has to be said.”

Gigi then said what everyone had seen: “Lucas didn’t manage to swallow.” There were only five stars instead of seven. Lucas, however, blamed the others. They are bad team players. “I could also say 1000 things about you, but I don’t do it.” When Gigi and Dad wanted to know what was bothering him, Lucas didn’t want to say anything. “He wants to show a perfect picture of himself,” Gigi analyzed the 55-year-old, “he can’t say what he really thinks.” Lucas defended himself: “I’m always looking for the good!”

Back at camp, the argument escalated when Lucas belittled his teammates in front of the others: “My team left me alone in the woods, great job!” They picked on him. When Gigi and Dad loudly demanded that he tell “the whole story” if he “had balls”, the good man provoked Lucas happily: “First think about your upbringing!” He demands of Gigi. The 23-year-old struggled not to derail, scolded: “Don’t say anything about my upbringing!” Sonja Zietlow: “It was the first time in 16 seasons that the fists were about to fly!” Daddy didn’t want to hear anything either. Only Claudia Effenberg could see the relief that finally she and her Bolognese lie were no longer an issue.

Blind spots in self-image

It’s exciting when the self-image and the image of others diverge so greatly. Lucas sees himself as the camp boss, the motivator, the strong man who gives everything, who everyone respects, the man who never gets angry, the one with the sparkling clean image. From the outside, however, you also see a man who puts himself above supposedly weaker ones (Cosimo Citiolo), who takes the exams half-heartedly, does not admit mistakes, looks for excuses and does not say what he really thinks – pretty much how Gigi described him has.

For her part, Jolina Mennen wanted to “get the shit out of the world” and tried to gather the brawlers around the campfire. But Lucas balked. “Too early” is that, better after dinner. But even then he didn’t want to talk. Gigi and papis are bad team players. And the 1000 things he supposedly could say against her? Lucas to Gigi in a fatherly tone: “Please don’t put every word on the gold scales.” That could also be good advice for Iris Klein, who is raging with jealousy, but Lucas will only notice the whole cheating drama of his in-laws in a few days. Luckily he has suggestions for a solution. Classics like “Forgiveness is nice too” or “I’ll keep an eye on it”.

And what are the true jungle king contenders doing in the meantime? The two who have the best chance of winning, they didn’t even try to create a perfect picture of themselves. Cosimo slept through the whole drama calmly on his bunk – victories by lying down. Djamila, long since the secret favorite, was still worried if she was “perhaps a little invisible”. For Claudia, the fight for the crown is over. She will be able to cope with the rumored fee of half a million euros.