Judith Rakers (47) spoke about her country life on the MDR talk show “Riverboat”. Five years ago she moved from the city to the country and lives in a former farm worker’s house with its own well in a nature reserve. Her roommates include a horse, cats and chickens. Without any prior knowledge, she managed to be able to take care of herself completely, explains the “Tagesschau” spokeswoman.

It’s “a bit adventurous” there on the outskirts of Hamburg, there is no street lighting and no winter service. When she moved there, she was newly divorced and “had this desire to do it.” Her father, friends and colleagues would have advised her not to live there alone as a woman. “But I wanted to do it and go through with it.”

Her life changed a lot after moving. “I haven’t walked the red carpet in five years,” says Rakers. “I feel so good when I can sit by the campfire in the evening on my rusty garden chair with only the night sky above me. That makes me incredibly happy. Everyone has to find their own way, for me it’s that way.”

When asked about her short hair and whether the rather new hairstyle had anything to do with her country life, she explains: “I had the same hairstyle for 18 years and now I wanted something different. And then I see women like Kim again [ Fisher, “Riverboat” presenter, editor’s note] and think: Oh man, it was nice that long. I don’t know.” In response, many women would respond to her by saying that she looked great. “With the men it’s more like: ‘Oh man, the beautiful long hair. What a pity.'”

Moderator Matze Knop (48) then wanted to know whether there were already many marriage proposals in the letters for her as a “Tagesschau” spokeswoman. “I don’t think I’ve ever been proposed,” Rakers notes. She is often asked, also by women, whether one can go on vacation with her in the country, the presenter added and explains with a laugh: “It’s not possible yet. I’ll think about it, maybe in many years , when I feel I need more social contacts.”