The US late-night talkers Jimmy Fallon (49) and Stephen Colbert (59) are returning to the screens. After the end of the screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood, Fallon’s “Tonight Show”, Colbert’s “Late Show”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” will start again from Monday, October 2nd. and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on US evening television. John Oliver (46) can be seen again on Sunday evening with his news satire “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” on the premium cable channel HBO. The five moderators announced this today with a joint statement on social networks such as Instagram.

The popular, daily late-night talk shows were directly affected by the work stoppage by US authors at the beginning of May. The production of new episodes of the formats has been stopped. Kimmel, Meyers, Oliver, Colbert and Fallon have been featured on their joint podcast “Strike Force Five” since August 30th. In the audio broadcast on Spotify, they talked about the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. The proceeds went to the employees of their respective late-night shows who were temporarily unemployed as a result of the labor dispute.

“After completing their mission, the founding members of Strike Force 5 will return to their television shows on Monday, October 2nd. One of them will return to premium cable television on October 1st,” the five late-night hosts wrote on their shared social -Media post. “This is the deactivation of Strike Force 5 and the reactivation of Late Night 5. What was the password for my work computer again?”

After the end of the writers’ strike, a little normality is returning to the US media landscape. The strike by the acting union SAG-AFTRA, which began around two and a half months later – and is still ongoing – ensures that popular fictional television series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Law

The US television industry is currently hoping to be able to shoot new episodes again from November or December following a possible resolution to the actors’ strike, as the industry magazine “Deadline” reports. The newly produced episodes would then be broadcast on TV from March next year. The classic start to the autumn TV season, which is traditional in the USA, has already been canceled this year due to the strike.