New Year’s Day 2023 changed the life of Hollywood star Jeremy Renner (53). At that time, the actor, known among other things as Hawkeye from the Marvel universe, was run over by a snow plow. Every night he relives the accident in which he almost lost his life; he sees the misfortune in his visions and dreams, Renner now tells the Los Angeles Times.

The reason he is alive today is his family, the doctors, paramedics and nurses – “and probably also divine intervention.” Renner attributes the fact that he was back on his feet after just a few months, and not years, as the doctors suspected, to the fact that he was “a stubborn idiot.”

Although he is well insured through the Screen Actors Guild, despite being a member of the actors’ union, he had to pay a lot for his recovery, says Renner. “But why do I care?” he asks. “I’m alive. I go through life with a smile on my face. And there’s nothing that can ever change that. Nothing. It’s impossible for me to have a bad day.”

Renner, who returned to work only around a year after the accident, is currently close to completing filming on the third season of the series “Mayor of Kingstown”. At first, returning to the set was strange for him. He had to “try to create a truth and make the audience believe it, while I’m just trying to learn to walk again, to put one foot in front of the other and not jump up in pain.”

During the first week he even sometimes fell asleep while filming. “We discovered that I was working too much, too many hours, too many days in a row,” he explains. Renner is willing to do anything, but whether he is able to do so is another matter. Because jet lag really bothers him, he stayed in Pittsburgh most of the time over the past four months. The producers adjusted the filming schedule to accommodate him. “You have to treat me like a child actor,” jokes Renner. “The mayor of Kingstown is like a 14-year-old now.”