After quitting his active career, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos appears to be busy enjoying his accumulated fortune. This is currently estimated at around 161 billion US dollars. His fiancé Lauren Sanchez also has access to a considerable financial cushion, even if it seems almost puny in comparison. The actress and entrepreneur is said to have amassed around $35 million.

The couple has only made headlines in recent months with huge purchases and one or the other memorable party outfit. Most recently, Bezos received his huge yacht “Koru”, which is said to have cost half a billion US dollars. The two are currently spending the summer there on Sardinia’s coast, often with prominent guests.

But Europe is almost certainly set to get cooler again in the coming months – and that’s when the couple will likely leave the yacht. Meanwhile, the choice of where to go after that is growing. Because Jeff Bezos is now said to have more than 14 villas – and one will be added soon.

While renovations to his California home are also in full swing (read more here), the tech giant recently secured another property on the other side of the United States. According to “Bloomberg”, Bezos is said to have acquired a property on the private island of Indian Creek – for a whopping 68 million US dollars.

The house is located directly on the Florida coast, opposite the north part of Miami. Jeff Bezos has direct access to the ocean from the pier at the villa – it remains to be seen whether he will eventually park his “Koru” in the garden.

The home’s grounds are 2.8 acres, the home itself has three bedrooms and a pool that’s hard to miss. It is part of the so-called “Billionaire Bunker”, one of the best protected residential complexes in the world. Due to the special location on the island, the house can only be reached via a single bridge – and a dedicated police force patrols the premises around the clock.

Bloomberg reports that Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have other properties to buy in the area and are currently looking for offers. The larger neighboring property is obviously of particular interest. The home there is currently up for sale for $85 million.

Jeff Bezos is in rich company on Indian Creek Island. The approximately 40 neighbors include Carl Icahn, Tom Brady, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The properties are lined up entirely along the island’s coast, with the center consisting of a huge golf course and the country club for the residents.

Whoever previously owned the property is making a hefty profit out of the deal with Bezos. Bloomberg reports that the house was formerly owned by a company called MTM Star International, which bought it in 1982 for $1.4 million. Behind it is a Panamanian person named Tulia Soucy de Gonzalez Gorrondona, whose money probably comes from the hotel industry.