Cathy and Mats Hummels’ relationship has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Because: Even if the couple announced last fall after years of marriage that they would go their separate ways with immediate effect, they always want to appear as a common team for their son Ludwig.

Cathy Hummels proves with a post on social networks that even the best teams sometimes have disagreements. The 34-year-old regularly teases her ex-husband on Instagram – so now again when she shows herself in an extraordinary gold-champagne-colored blazer look.

As she reveals, the look is neither “high fashion” nor created by a coveted designer, but simply “second hand”. And that’s a trend, after all, as Cathy emphasizes: “Mats Hummels missed the trend of the year: Second Hand / Circular Fashion,” she writes under the photo, which shows her only in a jacket of a champagne-colored tuxedo with a golden cummerbund and bow tie.

The secret behind the brunette’s look: The jacket is Mats Hummels’ wedding look from 2015. “In fact, after his wedding to me, Cathy Hummels, he wanted to throw away this tailored piece of jewelry,” she writes smugly. There are even wine stains on the “Original” – a real “hands-on experience”.

Mats and Cathy got married in the summer of 2015 and divorced in December last year. At the wedding in the “Bayrischer Hof” in Munich, not only did Cathy catch the eye with her lace dress and a flower crown, but also – and above all – Mats in the custom-made suit from the Hugo Boss brand. After throwing it in the trash, we’ll leave it as it is to see if he liked it that much. What is certain is that Cathy’s heart is attached to the one-of-a-kind size XL.

As she reveals in an interview with “Bild”, she had the gem specially designed at the time. From her point of view, the suit was certainly not a grab into the garbage. Reason enough to save him from the abysses of a landfill: “I couldn’t accept that. We’re divorced, but I can’t bring myself to do it,” she says. The suit is something special, a “memory that you don’t just throw away”, an “original of their wedding” – and therefore probably too good to let it rot in the closet after a successful rescue.

Fresh out of the garbage, she simply repurposes the champagne-colored one-off – into a sexy dress blazer with a bright yellow cummerbund, including the meaning. Because the yellow accents should be understood as a homage to BVB, where Mats is still a player. “In addition, yellow stands for light, sun and happiness. And we are bumblebees,” says Cathy about the meaning of the unusual color choice.

It will soon be revealed who will be allowed to wear the “designer piece” for the first time after Cathy. The “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter would like to have her new construction auctioned off for a good cause. Proceeds go to “A Heart for Children”.