In the third season of the “Sex and the City” revival series “And Just Like That …”, announced for 2025, fans will have to do without another prominent character, Karen Pittman (37). As Deadline magazine reports, the actress, who played law lecturer Nya Wallace in the first two seasons, will no longer be part of the third season of the hit series. It was only announced in January that the contract with her series colleague Sara Ramírez (48) had not been extended.

While it remained unclear for Sara Ramírez whether she was removed from the cast of the series because of her anti-Israel stance or dramaturgical concerns, the situation for Karen Pittman seems to be clearer. According to “Deadline”, the actress ran into scheduling conflicts because she was not only committed to the Apple series “The Morning Show”, but also to the planned Netflix series “Forever”.

A spokesperson for “And Just Like That…” production company HBO Max is quoted by Deadline as saying: “It was a pleasure to have Karen Pittman in the first two seasons of ‘And Just Like That…’ to see smart and stunning Professor Nya Wallace. Just as we thoroughly enjoyed working with this dynamic actress, so did others. Due to her commitments to two other streamer series, it has become apparent that it is not possible to do three shows filming at the same time. Due to production circumstances, we regret to announce that due to scheduling conflicts we will not be able to continue this character as part of the third season of ‘And Just Like That…’.”

The spokesman concluded his statement with the assurance that Pittman will be missed not only by him, but also by her well-known series friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon, 57), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker, 58) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis, 59). The “Max family” and their fans would wholeheartedly “cheer” her on in her new acting ventures.