Press Days at “Germany’s next top model”! Suddenly the journalist Claudia von Brauchtisch is in the villa and wants to grill the girls with questions about their Instagram appearances.

Cassy has to justify her sexy videos and does it very well: “It’s very clear, it’s authentic,” praises von Brauchtisch. Olivia talks about her past in the asylum home and impresses the reporter with her openness. It’s getting heated at Somajia. After the journalist keeps pushing her into a corner because of her “Rich Kid” photos, her collar bursts. “I’m not my Louis Vuitton bag!” She defends herself with an emotional incendiary speech. “I thought it was great, spectacular!” says von Brauchtisch. “She made a statement.”

With her jet set and party life, Selma doesn’t cut a good figure in front of the journalist. “It’s too superficial for me, I lack the depth,” says von Brauchtisch. And hits Selma hard: “She hit the spot…” she cries afterwards. “I screwed it up.” With her love of travel and adventure, she gets a job in casting with the skincare brand Yeauty. “In your face! I can do it!” She then shows herself again confidently.

There will be a second training session this year, this time on how to deal with hate comments on social media. The models are assisted by a psychologist and last year’s winner Alex Mariah Peter. She tells how surprised she was that the public had taken such a keen interest in her weight. It was only then that the trans woman realized: “Having arrived as a woman also means being exposed to body shaming.”

Heidi Klum also knows hate comments from her own social media channels and can assure: “The hate is just there.” After showing some of the worst shitstorms and comments that previous “GNTM” models had to experience, the girls are shocked. Heidi advises not to get involved in discussions on social media. “Of course you have the right to say something about it. But then the ball starts rolling…” She advises the girls to put on a hard shell – “unless you want to get out.” And reminds them that despite everything, they must take control of their lives: “No matter what people say, we have to live our lives the way we want to live them.”

Then comes the catwalk, which this time has the gaudy motto “Pop Art”. With clothes and wigs that look like they were painted, the models are transformed into cartoon characters. “Pure art,” says Katherine. In support of everyone, top model Ashley Graham pays a visit to the models. Especially Vivienne almost falls over when she sees her idol: “No fucking way!” she yells at her.

During their walk, the girls are said to say comic book words like “Ouch!” or “Ooops!” implement posing. Coco stands out and can now call Ashley Graham her biggest fan. She raves about the young model: “You make my heart beat faster!” Vivienne also gets compliments from her role model for her self-confidence. On the occasion, Graham explains to Heidi what it means to be a curvy model: “We have to have the body, the personality, the perfect hair – everything has to be right. It’s different with slim models. They can sometimes look like an alien or look like a horse and it’s in demand. Curvy models have to correspond to an ideal.”

For Anya, the journey is over there. The fact that she has not made any friends in the house is now also evident backstage: instead of tears, hugs and horror, she gets almost no reaction to her news. For the rest, Los Angeles is over for the time being: In the next episode, all models will fly to Berlin for the casting week.