Frauke Ludowig (59) is always perfectly styled in front of the camera as the moderator of the RTL program “Exclusive – Das Starmagazin”. In private, the 59-year-old prefers to be natural. “You always meet me without make-up in everyday life,” reveals the mother of two daughters in an interview.

The celebrity expert also regularly appears “topless” on Instagram. In addition to many positive compliments, there are also insults. “We women in particular could support each other a lot more in this regard. Instead of spreading hate comments online, we could often give each other a compliment,” said the moderator.

Frauke Ludowig: I always find it astonishing how high waves such an “unvarnished photo” creates. Because that’s what I am. Just because I’ve got makeup on doesn’t mean I’m a different person. In addition to many nice comments and compliments, there are also insults.

Ludowig: You always meet me without make-up in everyday life. At the weekly market, at the bakery or on the way to the radio station. I get my make-up on for my shows, of course, but in everyday life I prefer a more natural look. That’s why I’ve now also developed a “Serum Foundation” for my “pur lu by frauke ludowig” care line at QVC, which is slightly opaque and cares at the same time – for those who just don’t dare to go “topless” yet. Sales start on Monday, March 27th at QVC.

Ludowig: Unfortunately yes. Even though our society has made significant progress in this regard in recent years, there is still a lot to do in this direction. Last but not least, social media plays an important role in this. “Different”, “authentic”, “natural” – all these attributes are welcomed, but they are not really fully accepted. This is because there is a “norm” somewhere that we should use as a guide. And if you are not different enough and swim too much with the “norm”, then this is wrong again. Much more space and acceptance must therefore be created for individuality and free development, away from any social expectations and unrealistic goals.

We women in particular could support each other a lot more in this respect. Instead of spreading hateful comments online, we could often give each other a compliment. Even outside of social media. Such supposed “little things” as a compliment can make a big difference.

Ludowig: Of course I sometimes have days when I don’t feel 100% comfortable in my own skin and I’m probably too self-critical of myself. I think that every woman knows that, despite emancipation and newly conveyed self-confidence.

Ludowig: This pressure seems to have become much more extreme in recent years. That’s why I tried very early on to be a good role model for my daughters in this regard. As a public figure, I am constantly exposed to the scrutiny and judgment of mostly strangers to me. But over the years I have gained a lot of life experience and thus also self-confidence, which has helped me to take this pressure off myself. The most important realization I had for myself was to understand that you put the biggest pressure on yourself and that you are your toughest critic. As a QVC ambassador, I am also in favor of more skin positivity and natural skin. That’s why there are pictures of me in between, where I show myself without make-up.

Ludowig: My mother is my biggest role model. I learned a lot from her. Diligence, thrift and down-to-earthness. We have a very special relationship, we call each other every day. For me, however, every single woman who has reached the point in her life where she is no longer deterred by social criticism and unrealistic ideals of beauty is a role model. Self-love and self-acceptance is the only true and authentic response to critics. Family and friends can help us develop it, fully embrace it, and work on it, but only we can.