Laser hair removal, with wax, with a blade, with cream… Each woman has her favorite hair removal method, but there is one that is gaining more and more followers. This is thread waxing, a natural technique that only requires a cotton thread and the work of a professional. Doing it at home is somewhat complicated, unless the technique is known.

Threading is used on the face to remove facial hair, from the eyebrows, upper lip to the chin and sideburns. Although there is no contraindication to using it on the body, the problem, as explained by the experts at The Secret Lab beauty center, “is that it is such a thorough technique that it is not usually done on large areas or with a lot of hair.”

Traditional care is increasingly valued, which is why natural cosmetics or techniques such as wood therapy are on the rise. And for the same reason, threading is becoming one of the favorites of many women to show off perfect eyebrows and a hair-free face. Sundara is one of the pioneering centers in Spain in threading hair removal. It opened its doors in 2008 and currently has more than 40 centers throughout Spain. Its experts explain that “threading is an absolutely natural technique in which only the use of a cotton thread and the skill of the professional is necessary. The extraction of hair with a thread has its origins in ancient India and Persia, although it is difficult to pinpoint who were the first to use this natural technique, most theories say that it comes from the Middle East and Egypt. It is said that Cleopatra herself used the threading technique for her facial hair removal, as well as Sugaring (honey, sugar and lemon) ».

Another reason that makes threading an increasingly sought-after technique is that it does not mistreat the skin. With the wax or the tweezers, pulling occurs and there may also be irritations. On the other hand, hair removal with thread “is a technique suitable even for the most sensitive skin, since it does not damage the hair follicles as tweezers or wax can do, above all. Being less aggressive with the skin, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and sagging that wax does cause,” comment the experts at The Secret Lab.

From Sundara they add that the thread “is compatible with aggressive dermatological treatments for the skin and is recommended, above all, in those patients with acne problems, in order to decongest the follicles.”

Threading removes hair from the root, which makes it last longer. From Ali d’Aria beauty salons they explain that «although, it depends on each person, threading lasts about two weeks. In addition, it removes the smallest hair, so the area is much cleaner than with other methods. On the other hand, the hair weakens, which has advantages, especially when it comes to the mustache and other areas such as the sideburns or the chin, because it appears more slowly.

Another reason for choosing threading, according to the Sundara experts, is that “it is an incredibly precise and fast technique, since in 10 minutes you can wear a look design adapted to each consumer.”

The thread used for hair removal is disposable, so it is a very hygienic technique in which you do not have to share any utensil. Regarding the pain, in the area of ​​the upper lip it can bother slightly, but, in general, it is a less painful method than others.