After a year of waiting, it’s finally O’zapft again from September 16th! The Oktoberfest starts and the women put on their beloved dirndls again. If you want a new traditional robe in 2023, you have to be prepared for new cuts, colors and materials. Dirndl designer Kinga Mathe reveals what is trending in an interview with spot on news.

Kinga Math: Color, color, color. This season we’re relying on strong, bright colors – such as pink and petrol. I am convinced that women want to shine in autumn/winter and that the time for muted and reserved tones is over. After years of fashion restraint (also due to the pandemic), people can now really enjoy dressing up and making color statements again. That’s why there are so many bright colors in my collection, which underline the elegance of the cuts even more. Important: The dirndl should always cover the knees.

Mathe: I think we can expect a potpourri of different closure details. For me, both our sophisticated bodice hooks and the classically decorative rows of buttons are a highlight and – in addition to their function – contribute to the elegance of our dirndl.

Mathe: Of course, velvet is still in! The shiny and, above all, luxurious texture of the fabric sets stylish accents, contributes to a glamorous appearance and will therefore be with us for a long time, including in my collections.

Mathe: This year we will see cut-out blouses, lots of lace, but also blouses with cap sleeves. Incredibly exciting connections are made between classic elements and modern sophistication, which make the whole thing so interesting.

Math: When it comes to aprons, the classic silk fabric and half-silk are still popular options.

Math: Puff sleeves are definitely stylish! This playful design element is increasingly in demand and is becoming more and more of a topic. It fits fabulously into the creative vision of our designs. So why not have a little fun and add that fresh twist to the dirndl?

Mathe: Of course I have a special fondness for all the dirndls in my collection and I enjoy wearing them all! Each piece uniquely carries my artistic vision and my passion for modern interpretations of traditional elegance. Each dirndl is an expression of my love for fashion and my connection to the designs I create.