Two Hollywood stars are heating up the rumor mill – in a family matter of their own: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, who look alike in some photos, are currently speculating publicly about a possible relationship. Are they half brothers or just good friends who also act together in front of the camera?

“We want to test ourselves,” Harrelson said during a TV appearance on presenter Stephen Colbert’s US show on Tuesday (local time). The 61-year-old thus confirmed an assumption that McConaughey (53) had previously expressed in a radio show. The stars both speculated that McConaughey’s mother might be having an affair with Harrelson’s father.

“In Greece a few years ago we sat together and talked about how close we are and about our families,” McConaughey said on the radio show in mid-April. His mother was there at the time and said to Harrelson, “Woody, I knew your father.” She stressed the word “knew” strangely. Everyone in the group noticed that. He and Harrelson then did the math, McConaughey continued. An affair was therefore at least theoretically possible.

The two stars publicly celebrate their male friendship as “Bromance” – a pun on Brother and Romance. But whether they are serious about the speculation and whether they have concrete plans for a DNA test remained open.

They are currently promoting their new AppleTV comedy series Brother from Another Mother, which explores their decades-long friendship, CNN wrote on Thursday. As a detective duo in the series “True Detective”, the two actors had already stood in front of the camera together.