On Wednesday (April 10th) ProSieben announced that Matthias Opdenhövel (53) would return to “Schlag den Star”, replacing Elton (53) as presenter after eight years. The latter apparently knew nothing about his termination and is now showing emotion.

A few hours after the news about the change in moderators became public, Elton found clear words in an Instagram post: “To make one thing clear: I am not giving up this wonderful show voluntarily,” writes the long-time ProSieben moderator on a screenshot of an article with the title “Elton Quits on ‘Beat the Star'”. He himself “only found out today” after his management called the ProSieben boss about the rumors that Elton would no longer moderate the show.

Elton explains the sudden termination with his work at the competition: “It seems too much for ProSieben that I work at RTL. All of a sudden!!!!”, he continues. He first offered his shows “Schlag den Besten” and “Blamieren oder Kassieren”, which he has hosted on RTL since 2023 and 2024 respectively, to ProSieben. “After it was said that they had no money and no broadcasting space, RTL just struck,” said the entertainer.

The 53-year-old is disappointed by the poor communication: “The channel manager at ProSieben didn’t think it was necessary to call me and ask me what was going on or to find a solution. I’m really speechless, angry, but above all extreme sad.” He would also not be granted a farewell show after 23 years at the station.

“Without words!!! I’m going to pour myself a few beers now. Let’s see who dares to comment here,” he continues. “Again: pure disappointment. There will be no further statements from me.”

In fact, it didn’t take long for Elton to receive support from numerous celebrities in the comments section. Actor Armin Rohde (69) announces: “Without you, I won’t watch the show anymore. This is YOUR format.”

Moderator Nina Moghaddam (43) writes: “I always ask myself why it is so difficult to deal with people in a transparent, open, honest and, above all, appreciative way. I’m sorry, dear Elton, that it turned out so ‘lovelessly’. Big hug and cheers.”

Comedian Simon Gosejohann (48), who appeared with Elton in the show “Elton vs. Simon” on ProSieben in the 2000s, jokes: “But aren’t you happy for me as the new presenter?”

Elton started his TV career in 2001 as Stefan Raab’s (57) sidekick on the ProSieben show “TV total”. Since then, the 53-year-old, whose real name is Alexander Duszat, has hosted numerous formats on the station. Elton was there from the start on the “Schlag den …” shows, initially as the presenter of the “Disgrace or Cash” segment. From 2016 he hosted the entire show. He has also been working as a presenter on RTL since 2023.