Eko Fresh (39) has a new rap partner: Rolling G. Together with the singer Onita Boone (58), the rap duo recorded the song “New Ways”.

The song, which was created together with Aktion Mensch, is about exclusion, inclusion and accessibility. Rolling G, who uses a wheelchair himself, can literally sing a song about it – he raps about not coming to cafes that don’t offer ramps, for example. Or: “Want to visit your bros, you’re really excited / Second floor, f**k. I can’t go up stairs”.

Musically, too, the track plays with everyday noises that are typical for people with disabilities, such as the hum of an electric wheelchair or the clicking of a traffic light for the blind. Finally, the chorus says: “From today everyone will understand / Let’s try to break new ground”.

Like many people, rapper Eko Fresh was not aware before the collaboration what banal stairs or curbs have on many people’s everyday lives. “Rolling G absolutely hooked me with his rap verse because it opened my eyes to how awkward certain things can be,” says Eko Fresh. But not only the topic, the rapper also wants to help the artist to become better known with the collaboration: “G is a super easy-going and positive guy who also likes to tease me. I like that. I’m sure he will be many people touch.”

For Rolling G, “a dream has come true” with the collaboration with one of the best-known names in German rap. He would have received many valuable tips that he will never forget. He hopes that in the future children and young people will already be aware of inclusion in day-care centers and schools. “It must be self-evident for them that there are people with and without disabilities.” In fact, every eighth person in Germany has a disability and is struggling with the issue of accessibility. Rolling G put it in a nutshell: “I’m not disabled, I’m being disabled. Let’s make barriers disappear.”

The reason for the inclusive rap song is the European Day of Protest for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities on May 5th. Eko Fresh sees the art form of rap as absolutely suitable for the duo’s project: “People who have reservations about rap forget how connecting our music is. That’s even the original meaning of rap.” Football is even more connecting, as Fresh further admits.