Normally Capital Bra is the tough street rapper with badass lyrics. But on Saturday evening his general knowledge was in demand. In the ARD quiz show “Who knows something like that? XXL” he was one of the prominent guests answering questions from presenter Kai Pflaume. And he didn’t cut the best figure in the council chair.

Already after the opening round, the public viewers – if they had ever heard of Capital Bra – felt confirmed in their opinion about him. Because the artist, who was decried as a scandal rapper and whose real name is Vladislaw Balowatski, didn’t know much in the solo quick guessing round.

Capital Bra was also unable to answer some seemingly simple questions. Particularly embarrassing: When asked what the abbreviation car stood for, he didn’t answer “passenger car” but “er…truck”. He also suspected the success of handball legend Pascal Hens in football and predicted “Avatar” as this year’s Oscar winner for Best Film (it was “Oppenheimer”). The yellow-feathered friend of cartoon dog Snoopy is not called “Goofy”, but “Woodstock”. He didn’t know the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony (Stephan Weil) or the sensory organ in which a snail hides (ear). And when asked in which Italian city the Bridge of Sighs was located, the correct answer was not “Man, Fat Man, I have no idea man” but Venice.

At the end of the quick question round there were only three correct answers for the rapper: Capital Bra knew that, according to legend, the stork brings the babies and knew the old music hit “Live is Life” and the saying “You shouldn’t stop travelers”. At least the German rapper can now tell everyone that he has more number 1 hits than correct answers on the quiz show.

However, another car incident that occurred on Sunday night, according to Capital Bra, was not something to smile about. The rapper distributed footage from his surveillance camera via “Bild” that shows masked people climbing over the garden gate and setting fire to the Mercedes parked in front of his house. The family car was completely burned out.