Christine Quinn walked down the aisle in a black wedding dress in season three of “Selling Sunset.” Surrounded by her co-stars at the time and numerous Netflix cameras, she said yes to tech entrepreneur Christian Richard. The marital bliss didn’t last long: four years after their dream wedding, the two were bitterly at odds and even went to court.

Last week, pictures made the rounds showing Richard being taken away from their shared house. According to TMZ, Quinn protected herself and their son in a safe place. Now court documents quoted by Page Six show the extent of the dispute. In a restraining order, Quinn describes what she had to endure. Her husband suffers from mental problems, says Quinn, specifically mentioning bipolar disorder, mania and schizophrenia. The two had an argument on March 18th, after which everything escalated.

According to her own statements, Quinn criticized her husband because he did not support her enough. According to the reality TV actress, Richard freaked out and threw objects across the room. “He narrowly missed me with one of the metal bars, but I was hit by one of the boxes he threw,” Quinn said. “Then he opened a can of Red Bull and threw it across the room, which made an even bigger mess… and then came back a short time later and threw dog feces at me, which he picked up from the trash,” says the 35-year-old , who made a name for herself as a luxury estate agent.

Her husband and father of her son then “pulled out his penis and started urinating on the floor.” Her husband’s attack lasted several hours. She hesitated to call the police for fear he would kill her. She was later able to protect herself and her son by locking Richard in one of the rooms.

A day later, on March 19, she cleaned up the house. “As I was working, I heard and felt the rush of an object rushing toward me and our son. The next moment, I heard what sounded like glass breaking,” Quinn said. She discovered broken glass in her son’s hair, who started screaming. “I was concerned about his health and safety,” said the TV actress.

The incident prompted her to call the police, who took Christian Richard away a short time later. The entrepreneur denies the allegations and in return accuses his wife. She constantly threatened him, said Richard. His request to go to court was rejected by a judge. There is “no sufficient evidence of a previous act of abuse.”

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