Regardless of whether you prefer to enjoy your favorite films and series on your television, your laptop or your smartphone: you can stream Disney Plus on various devices (see the following table). In addition, you can enjoy up to four different contents at the same time on four different screens. And that’s not all: It is possible to create a total of seven profiles per account, so that several family members can share a Disney Plus subscription.

All films and series that Disney Plus makes available can also be downloaded and streamed anytime, anywhere (including on the go) via the following devices:

Note: There is of course also a Disney app through which you can stream all films and series. Click here to download:

A Disney monthly subscription now costs 8.99 euros. With the annual subscription for 89.90 euros you save over 15 percent because you get twelve months for the price of ten months. After one year, the annual subscription automatically turns into a monthly subscription (for 8.99 euros).

If you are interested in a Disney membership, you can register here. On the homepage you have the option to take out a monthly or annual subscription. To do this, just click on the “Register now” or “Annual subscription” button and enter a valid email address. After you have accepted the terms of use, all you have to do is provide your payment information (credit card or PayPal) and a personalized password – and you can start streaming. Thousands of films and series, cinema hits and blockbusters, classics and documentaries from Disney (including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Star) are freely available to you.

Since February 2021, Disney Plus has expanded its existing channels (including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic) with a new one: “Star” is the new format, through which you as a subscriber can watch – at no extra charge – over 300 additional films, Stream series and originals from Disney Television Studios, 20th Century Studios, FX, 20th Television, ABC, Searchlight Pictures. And so that you don’t get bored, new titles are published every week.

In addition to the two regular subscriptions, Disney offers its customers exclusive VIP access. This is not included in the membership and currently costs 21.99 euros (per film). This gives you the opportunity to watch brand new blockbusters as often as you like before the official streaming start, before they are later available to all other Plus subscribers. This access was created due to the Corona pandemic, as the local cinemas are unfortunately often closed. It is not known whether VIP access will still be available after the pandemic, but it is certainly possible.

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1st March

3 March

17. March

March 24th

March 31

1st March

8th of March

March, 15

March 22

March 30

March 31

February 2nd

February 7th

February 9th

February 28th

February 7th

14th of February

21st of February

27th of February

January 2

17 January

3 January

10 January

12 January

17 January

19 January

24 January

31 January

Currently (as of August 2022) you can stream the following series on Disney Plus:

If you would like to cancel your Disney Plus subscription, follow these steps:

You can continue to stream all films and series on Disney until the end of the current billing cycle.

Important note: If you have taken out your Disney Plus subscription directly through Apple or Google Play, you will also have to cancel your membership there. You can find out more about this under the two links:

Also important for you to know: If you delete your account with Disney, the subscription will not be automatically deleted – the cancellation must always be done separately.

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