Playhouses or climbing towers made of wood are classic. But if you are not a skilled DIYer, you will have difficulty building your own house. However, a small home for children can still become a reality. Practical plastic constructions can be assembled in the garden to create creative playgrounds for children. The concepts of “Moveandstic” or “Quadro” are popular and well-known.

The manufacturers advertise endless possibilities. This is actually what makes the colorful plastic constructions so attractive. Individual elements can be assembled into a playhouse, a climbing tower, a slide or even a ball pit. The structures are made of UV-resistant and recyclable plastic and are intended to be stable, robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the modular design, the structures can be converted at any time and can be adapted to different locations.

Owning your first home is already a dream for the little ones in the family. A small house is the best place to retreat to play and relax. The “Quadro” basic building set contains a total of 305 individual parts that, when put together, can create a playhouse, a pirate ship or a climbing house. The construction consists of parts that can be reconnected again and again to create new models.

Children can reach high with this climbing tower. The system consists of pipes, couplings and plates in bright colors that are plugged together and screwed together. Practical: “Moveandstic” construction kits can be modularly combined with one another and can also be purchased as individual parts for retrofitting.

A climbing tower is a great way to get back down to the ground from a height. That’s why there are also constructions with a slide. As usual, the system can be customized to suit your own needs.

Children love ball pits, parents are more likely to tolerate them. Because colorful balls fly through the house or apartment and reach places you wouldn’t have suspected. A ball pit that can be placed outside is therefore practical. A small roof protects children from the sun and a practical net prevents the balls from scattering in all directions.

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