Recently, while cleaning up, I came across a small cream-colored booklet. A bit worn. Just a little bigger than a pixie book. I’ll make it short: It was my poetry album. In it a few dozen little verses, rhymes and greetings from friends and teachers from my early school years. Plus some small stickers. A little book with great memories. “Learning is like rowing against the tide. If you stop doing it, you drift back,” it says in calligraphy, along with warm greetings from my class teacher at the time. These lines are more than 30 years old and they mean a lot to me.

The other day my son came home with a Friends book. One of his daycare friends put it in his compartment. The brave pups from the Paw Patrol jump at me when I look at the cover. The poetry album was yesterday. Today the name of the book of friends is The “friends” and followers that are “collected” by the millions every day in digital networks should not be mentioned at this point. What distinguishes the Friends Book from a poetry album? Even children of kindergarten age can let off steam in the friends book. Instead of an empty page that should be filled with life, the book of friends “only” has to be filled out, colored in and supplemented. Nickname, favorite type of ice cream, career aspirations, a funny snapshot and much more can be found in it. Especially for children who start school, the book of friends is a chance to keep in touch with the little buddies from daycare. Because the number of mum or dad can usually also be entered.

But which friend book is the right one for your child? What makes a 5-year-old girl most excited? Is there anything more for boys than football and Fireman Sam? We sorted it out a bit and here they are: Ten friend books for daycare and school.

Let’s start with the friends’ book for the popular movie “The School of Magical Animals”. In the colorfully illustrated hardcover album, around 30 friends can enter the most important information about themselves on a double page. Of course everything related to the film about Ida, Benni, Jo and the talking animals. This book of friends is suitable for ABC shooters and elementary school students. Click here for School of Magical Beasts: My Friends.

The book “My Kindergarten Friends: Dinosaurs” revolves around the creatures from a bygone era that are already fascinating to daycare children. Girls and boys can collect memories of their friends in this book and learn everything about their favorite animals, career aspirations, favorite films and more. The authors also thought of a small corner for the fingerprint. This friend book is best suited for 4 and 5 year olds.

Tens of thousands of boys and girls are looking forward to the first day of school again this year. And at the same time have many question marks in their heads. Do I know someone from my new class? Are there more girls or more boys? Is the teacher nice? This book of friends in a handy pocket format is intended for the first days and weeks of school. It comes with a decorative soft cover. Here the very first friends from elementary school can immortalize themselves with photos and personal information. Click here for the friend book “My very first school friends”.

The helpers on four paws are a must for parents with children of kindergarten age. If you don’t know the cute puppies, riders, mayor know-it-all and daredevil Danny X, you can’t have a say in the game. And of course there is also a book of friends about the small and big challenges in the adventure bay. Recommended for little fans aged four and over. Here’s the friend book “My Friends: Paw Patrol”.

As soon as the diaper is gone, many steppes have fun every day in the day care center and at home with everything to do with pee, poo, poop

The popular scratching pictures are the highlight of this friends book from arsEdition. The 15 animal scratch-out motifs from giraffe to toucan are ready-made, so that even smaller children can have lots of fun scratching. A great back to school or birthday gift. There are also coloring pictures, a birthday calendar and a photo gallery. “My Scratch-Scratch Friends Book” is available here.

Kick, poke, bolt. No matter what you call it: kicking a ball is a reflex for many boys and girls shortly after learning to walk that can hardly be suppressed. In the Kicker Kumpels friends book, young goal scorers can, among other things, take part in a betting game, score points in goal wall shooting and come out as a fan of their favorite club. Here’s Kicker-Kumpels, the friend book for little soccer players and fans between the ages of six and eight.

Everyone who enters this mysterious book of friends has to solve a scary, exciting adventure. The authors of “My Friends: The Friends Book with Scary-Exciting Escape Puzzles” have hidden one of the popular escape puzzles in the spooky Dark Forest. A decoder foil is included in the book as an aid. The profiles in the interactive book of friends are also a real adventure for schoolchildren from the age of seven. Who will keep their nerves, decipher the code and free themselves from the depths of the Dark Forest?

A friend book list without a unicorn is possible, but pointless. The flying fantasy horses with Wallawalla mane, colorful tail and twisted horn on the forehead are too popular. This friend book is all about the unicorn. Funny: The wings on the cover were designed with reversible sequins so that the unicorn can take off in two different colors as the mood takes you. “My friends: Unicorn (with reversible sequins)” is available here.

The slightly different book of friends. A total of 39 small and large tots can get creative in the Children’s Artist Friends Book. Instead of the standard questions, you can enter your name backwards here. Or write down what you would prefer to be called. The book sparkles with imagination and encourages children to let theirs run free. Everyone can let off steam with sayings, comics and their own ideas on a hands-on page. My Children’s Artist Friends Book has 112 pages and was developed and designed for children between the ages of five and ten.

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