In the face of calls for his son Prince Harry and brother Prince Andrew to be dismissed as Councilors of State, King Charles III. increase the number of these family representatives, according to one report.

The Telegraph newspaper reported on Thursday that the relevant British law should be changed so that Charles’ youngest brother Prince Edward and his sister Princess Anne could be reappointed Counselors of State. The monarch would thus clearly weaken the importance of Harry and Andrew, but at the same time preserve the fragile family peace, the paper wrote.

Currently, the Regency Act, introduced in 1937, provides for five Councils of State. These are the monarch’s spouse and the next four adults over the age of 21 in line to the throne. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, these have been Queen Camilla, heir to the throne Prince William as the eldest son of Charles, Harry, Andrew and his eldest daughter Princess Beatrice. If the monarch is too ill to carry out his duties or is abroad, he can delegate some of his duties to two of these councillors. For example, they can sign documents or receive letters of accreditation from new ambassadors.

The fact that Harry and Andrew, two members of the royal family who are not “working royals”, i.e. do not make public appearances on behalf of the royal family, are eligible as state councilors is now causing criticism. Harry gave up his royal duties when he moved to the United States. Andrew has lost his public appearances due to his involvement in a sex abuse scandal. Members of the House of Lords therefore called for the Regency Act to be renewed.