Cheaper, shorter, more diverse: The coronation of King Charles III. is said to differ significantly from that of his mother in 1953 in a number of points. An exact date for the ceremony has not yet been set. The only thing that is clear is that the event should take place next year. Buckingham Palace recently denied reports that June 3, 2023 was chosen as the day – in homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was crowned in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953.

The British newspaper “Mail on Sunday” now reports that for the coronation of Charles III. only about an hour is planned. The ceremony for the Queen lasted almost four hours in 1953 – including multiple outfit changes. According to a source in the newspaper, Charles is said to want to do without this.

There are also cuts in the guest list. 8,000 dignitaries were present at Westminster Abbey in 1953 when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Her ceremony was largely based on that of her father King George VI. and that of her grandfather King George V. Charles now wants to break with this tradition and only receive 2000 guests at his coronation. Significantly fewer members of the royal family should also be there. Charles already let his plans to streamline the monarchy ring through when he was still heir to the throne.

However, his older son Prince William is said to play a decisive role. He is to be significantly involved in the planning for the ceremony. In 1953 it was Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, who decided many things behind the scenes and also persuaded the Queen that the coronation should be broadcast live on television for the first time. During the ceremony, the Duke of Edinburgh then had to kneel before his wife and swear to be her “liege man life and limb”. There will be such a scene at the coronation of King Charles III. not give: Camilla will be crowned Queen Consort at her husband’s side. Queen Elizabeth II decided that while she was still alive.

In order to streamline the ceremony, according to “Mail on Sunday”, some antiquated procedures should be avoided, such as the symbolic handing over of a gold bar to the monarch. “In a time when many people have to tighten their belts, that will not happen,” said an insider – also alluding to the current inflation. The dress code for guests is also to be relaxed. In 1953, men had to wear knickerbockers and women had to wear a tiara.

The members of the high nobility, who are directly involved in the coronation, could this time resort to simple suits instead of the traditional red velvet capes with ermine trimmings. “Not coronation robes. Give them to a museum where they belong. It won’t be a tweed blazer and jeans — it’ll be a morning suit or a lounge suit,” said Lt. Col. Anthony Mather, who is familiar with the coronation plans , the “Mail on Sunday”.

With all reduction and economy, one thing King Charles III wants. But then he couldn’t do without his coronation: the ride in the historic, golden state carriage from 1762. It was extensively restored on the occasion of the Queen’s platinum jubilee this year.

Quelle: “Mail on Sunday”, “Daily Mail”