New music from Blink-182 is on the way. Travis Barker (47), Tom DeLonge (47) and Mark Hoppus (51) have announced their new album “One More Time…” for October 20, 2023 with a detailed video trailer on YouTube. Fans of the band will find 17 tracks on it – including the title song “One More Time”, which will be released as a single on September 21st.

The upcoming Blink-182 album will be the band’s first release since reuniting with member Tom DeLonge in 2022. He had left the band almost ten years earlier. The new album was created in 2022 and 2023 during the reunion tour, which took the three band members through concert locations around the world, according to the trailer.

The video with which the trio announces the new album also features an interview with Apple Music presenter Zane Lowe (50) as well as clips from the band’s archive. In the conversation, Barker, DeLonge and Hoppus discuss, among other things, formative events such as DeLonge’s departure from the band and Hoppus’ cancer.

“One More Time…” is Blink-182’s ninth studio album. The band recently played several concerts in Germany. The last concert of the current tour will take place in Vienna on September 20th.