Pop star Billie Eilish (21) has banned all social media apps from her smartphone. That’s what the American singer said on the Conan O’Brien podcast “Needs a Friend”. “I deleted it all from my phone,” says Eilish. The step was a huge thing for her. Although she wasn’t an “iPad baby”, she grew up with computers, the Internet and later with smartphones. Now she wouldn’t look at it anymore. Looking at posts about herself in particular would give her a bad feeling: “It stinks, I don’t like it.”

Specifically, she reports on an actually serious and serious video about herself, which, however, portrayed her as a “terrible person”. That drove her crazy. She also worries that the internet is making her gullible. Everything she reads there, she believes: “I know that’s stupid. I shouldn’t do it because I have evidence that almost none of it is true.”

Eilish’s quotes come from a pre-release of the podcast, which Rolling Stone says is set to launch on March 27. Eilish took part with her brother Finneas O’Connell (25).