Amira Pocher made a radiant appearance at the Berlin Opening Night of Ufa, RTL and Gala for the 74th Berlinale. But what makes the 31-year-old so obviously happy? Maybe a new love. In a red carpet interview with the “Gala”, the presenter said when asked about her holiday flirtation, of which she recently shared a photo on Instagram: “We didn’t get to know each other again, we knew each other before. I’m satisfied.”

It is suspected that the holiday flirt in question could be Prosieben presenter Christian Düren. Amira’s husband, comedian Oliver Pocher, also commented on the rumors on stage. However, Amira Pocher did not mention Düren’s name. She goes on to say that she wants to forego dating apps in the future; instead, she wants to get to know men the old-fashioned way: “That has to flash me in real life.”

If any. Because in an interview with “Bild,” Pocher recently said: “I’m absolutely happy!” Although she doesn’t want to talk about her current relationship status, she reveals this much: “The difficult thing about being a single mom is that the man you’re dating doesn’t know you completely. He doesn’t know my life as a mom – with spots on the T-shirt and with dark circles under his eyes.”

We probably won’t find out any time soon whether “he” is really called Christian Düren or has a completely different name. Because Pocher has decided to handle her relationships differently in the future – especially less publicly. She didn’t manage to do that so well with her husband Oliver Pocher, she said at the “Gala”. And the 31-year-old has planned other things for her next love: “I will pay attention to healthy communication, insight, a good culture of debate, give and take and reflection.”

Amira and Oliver Pocher announced their separation in August last year. Since then, the parents of two children have carried out their separation publicly, with a number of mutual swipes. Oliver Pocher reacted with scorn to the first rumors about a new relationship between his ex and uses his comedy show as an outlet. Nevertheless, Amira Pocher doesn’t want to say anything too negative about her ex – for the sake of the children. And for another reason: “All the wonderful things that once brought us together and held us together are not talked about so often now, but of course they existed.”

Transparency note: The star is part of RTL Deutschland.