The perfect look for everyone who likes it matte: Stars like Kendall Jenner (27), Selena Gomez (30) and Emily Ratajkowski (31) swear by the cloud skin look in spring 2023. The make-up trend is currently being traded on social media as one of the biggest beauty trends of the spring months. The look was mainly shaped by make-up artist Dominic Skinner (60). But what exactly is behind Cloud Skin? This is how the beauty look succeeds in a few simple steps.

The focus is on a soft, even complexion that looks soft. The boundaries between foundation, blush and bronzer blur – similar to a cloud. Hence the name Cloud Skin.

Cloud Skin is suitable for every occasion: You can wear the make-up trend very naturally with just a little mascara or in combination with a bright lipstick or eye-catching colorful eye shadow. At the SAG Awards 2023, for example, Selena Gomez showed up with a very simple matte make-up look in combination with some mascara and sleek hair.

The skin should definitely be supplied with enough moisture beforehand. This step is particularly important for matt make-up looks: the facial skin is prepared for the make-up with a moisturizer and a facial oil, for example, or a rich serum. This is followed by foundation, concealer and, depending on your preference, blush and bronzer. Blush and bronzer should be blended well and only used discreetly.

The most important step in the cloud skin look comes last: the powdering. The powder should be placed very specifically: under the eyes, around the nostrils and on the forehead. You should work carefully here, especially under the eyes, because this step is what defines the cloud skin make-up look. A tip from the pro: The areas below the eyes are best reached with a small powder brush or a small powder sponge. The rest of the face can be worked with a larger sponge or brush.