“I could imagine that it’s something for the dealers,” suspects Walter Weber at the beginning of his appearance on “Bares for Rares”. “It” – the itinerant craftsman from Bühl means a painting by Otto Quirin that he received from his stepmother as an anticipated inheritance. Nevertheless, it should go – because Weber is building a tiny house and needs money. Because: “Wood is becoming more expensive, everything is becoming more expensive,” as the 68-year-old says.

Albert Maier knows more about the artist: Otto Quirin was born in Mönchengladbach in 1927 and studied painting after the war. However, according to the expert, his ouevre is not particularly well known, because Quirin was more a teacher than an artist. What Maier particularly emphasizes in addition to the abstract painting style: the present watercolor is dated – to the year 1965.

Weber would like more than 1000 euros for the picture. However, Albert Maier has a disappointment ready: he estimates the value at only 250 to 350 euros. So only a third to a quarter of the desired price. But the seller still wants to try his luck: He wants to give the dealers a chance to go over 350, he says.

But in the dealer’s room it becomes apparent that those present don’t really know what to do with the painting. Jan Čížek compares the art to Miro, “and maybe a little something Japanese too”. His conclusion: “You need a bit of imagination.”

Wolfgang Pauritsch starts with an initial bid of 150 euros. In leisurely steps it goes up to 340 euros, but Walter Weber doesn’t agree with that: “I’ll be happy to take it back with me for 340.” Pauritsch then asks him for his desired price. “I would have liked to have had 1,000 euros for it,” Weber replies. “But that’s the wish. This is reality, and I’m also facing it.”

Jan Čížek adds another 10 euros, but he can’t change the seller’s mind with that. He starts his last monologue: “What I understand is that this is an object, a commercial object. You must enjoy it as a seller. What I understand from my heart and from my stepmother’s gift: It’s something fine. And so I’m assuming now that doesn’t fall into your category. And I can live with that.”

Now the picture could get a place in Weber’s Tiny House.

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library

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