You recently received a penalty notice for tax evasion and had to pay 160,000 euros back to the tax office. Are you currently on probation? No, the case against me is not yet over. We are currently trying to prove that it was not my fault that the taxes were not paid. I can’t say more about it until we’re successful.

Doesn’t the sentence still hang ominously over you? To be honest, I’m not really worried about it. I know that I did nothing wrong and that the people responsible will now have to answer for it. I’m happy if I can tick this topic off.

According to reports in the “Bild” newspaper, the tax investigators even searched your house. For God’s sake, don’t believe everything that is written about me!

So you have nothing to blame yourself for? I allowed myself to be misled for far too long, certainly a bit ignorant and naive. Because of my background and my past, I wasn’t particularly stable and was looking for a replacement family. In the 32 years of my career, I have had to learn again and again that there are few people who have my back and whom I can really trust. I’m learning a lot right now.

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