Just a few days ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) shocked people with the news that he had a pacemaker inserted in March. Now the actor has returned to Instagram with an amusing picture of himself – and given the all-clear.

The photo shows the Austrian native sitting in an armchair, wearing an open sweatshirt jacket and a kind of timer with a red cable on his chest that says “Danger: High Voltage.” He wanted to thank you for the many messages that had reached him “from all over the world” in the last few days.

However, many also asked whether his pacemaker would affect him while filming the second season of “Fubar”. The Terminator’s answer: “Absolutely not.” Schwarzenegger will be fit again and “ready to film” from April, he makes it clear. In the US television series he plays the main role of CIA agent Luke. The episodes of the first season have been available on Netflix since May 2023. A second season was announced in June 2023.

The actor announced that he had undergone another heart operation earlier this week in a new episode of his podcast “Arnold’s Pump Club.” He later joked that he had the pacemaker inserted “in order to become a little more of a machine.”

But it was also important to him to emphasize that he was doing well and that the operation went well and “as painlessly as possible”. The following Friday he was again at a large environmental event with his “friend and fitness colleague” Jane Fonda (86).

The intervention did not come out of the blue. Schwarzenegger has already undergone open heart surgery several times because he was born with a heart defect. He had his first two heart operations in 1997, when the pulmonary valve and the aortic valve were replaced. The flaps used at the time were replaced in 2018 and 2020.