Whether as a commissioner, as Gaby Köster or currently as a midwife: Anna Schudt (50) is convincing in every role and has become an integral part of the German TV landscape. Starting out as a theater actress in Munich, she has now been in front of the camera for more than 20 years and has appeared in many films and series. From 2012 to 2022 she played investigator Martina Böhnisch in Dortmund’s “Tatort” – until she decided to leave in order to have more time for other projects. Because the actress still has a lot to do and enjoys being in the middle of life.

In the “Kölner Treff” she recently gave a fiery eulogy for turning 50: “I think it’s crazy. Everything that has already happened. I think that at 50 we have done so much, celebrated, fought, enjoyed, loved, suffered, lived .” The Düsseldorf resident continued: “I feel so on the mountain, I don’t have to build anything anymore, I don’t have to have children anymore, I’m still physically fit, I can travel, my friends are alive, I can do all of that enjoy like that.” In any case, she is very “curious about what else is going to happen” and finds “it’s just incredibly exciting.”

She has already been able to fulfill herself professionally on many levels and was raving about the fact that she had the “best job”. Even during “Tatort,” Anna Schudt repeatedly made “excursions” to other sensational productions. In the 2022 film “The Mayor” she played a volunteer mayor who is targeted by the right-wing scene and, in view of the ever-increasing threats to her family, ultimately has to ask herself whether her commitment is worth it all. In the same year she was seen in the film “Laufen”, for which she diligently practiced playing the cello in addition to jogging endurance. This production also made you think: Schudt played a woman who is thrown off course by the suicide of her partner and has to fight her way back to life.

Anna Schudt experienced a special highlight in her career in 2018: She received the International Emmy Award in New York as best actress for her role in the biographical film adaptation “A cold would have been enough”. In it she played the comedian Gaby Köster (62), who suffered a serious stroke in 2008. “Gaby, we finally made it to New York,” Schudt called out to the comedian sitting in the audience at the award ceremony. “I love you so much.”

Speaking of love: While she doesn’t like to commit to a role professionally, which is why she once left the ZDF series “The Criminalist” after one season, she has long since committed herself privately. She has been married to her colleague Moritz Führmann (45) since 2010, with whom she often appears together in front of the camera or on stage. They also met and fell in love at work when they played brother and sister in the play “Anna Karenina” at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus. The couple has two sons together.

Anna Schudt had her eldest son, who comes from a previous relationship, in her mid-20s. She didn’t allow herself a long break to have babies. She quickly went back to work so as not to be “forgotten,” she told the “Kölner Treff.” Only now, many years later, does she realize how difficult it was to combine children and a career. This was achieved primarily thanks to her mother and mother-in-law, who spent countless hours swaying the babies in their arms on set.

The reward for the challenging years: Anna Schudt is one of the most prominent actresses on German television today – and that’s probably why she can look to her future so relaxed. This includes a new ARD series called “Hundred Thirteen”, which tells the story of six people who are connected by a serious traffic accident. According to director Rick Ostermann, the project will begin filming this year. The actress can currently be seen as the experienced midwife Anna in the six-part series “Push” (last episodes on Sunday, March 24th, 8:15 p.m., on ZDFneo and in the ZDF media library).