In show eight, “Let’s Dance” was over for Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) on Friday evening. At the end of the show she had to dance with her professional dance partner Valentin Lusin (37) from the popular RTL show (also on RTL). On Saturday, the travel influencer, also known under the pseudonym “Monkey on Bike,” spoke out on Instagram and spoke once again about what she believes was a justified end.

“Good morning friends, what are you doing now, hey, really. Now I’m thrown out of here – absolutely justified, dancing has never been my strength,” greets Bendixen in a story. It’s “madness” that she even made it to show eight of the current season. “But I improved and it was a great time and a nice experience,” she sums up.

She already sensed that Bendixen wouldn’t make it much further. “I knew I was flying all week,” she says. According to the 24-year-old, it would have been “absolutely unjustified to move forward now.” She would have felt bad if another celebrity had been kicked out of the show. Therefore the end is “completely fine”. Although she was “perhaps the worst” on the show, “but I don’t think anyone could have been as fxxxing motivated as I was.” Sometimes she trained until 1:00 a.m. so as not to embarrass herself. She gave “more than everything” – despite a few moments when she was “just exhausted” and actually wanted to give up.

Today Bendixen wants to visit her dance partner Valentin and his wife Renata Lusin (36) – and then she’ll go traveling again. She also wanted to thank all of her fans for their support and for getting the influencer this far in the show despite all the hate she received online. It’s “a liberating feeling to know” that this hatred will now stop: “There’s nothing to hate anymore, people.”

Bendixen had previously said that she had to read a lot of hateful comments about herself on the Internet as part of the show. In an interview with the broadcaster, she explained, visibly upset: “I don’t understand why people write such nasty things. You’re welcome to criticize, […] but this approach to character and this putting down” hits her. The station also took a stand on Instagram as part of an episode of the show: “Vadim said it so beautifully and correctly: ‘Let’s Dance’ is an entertainment show! Hate has no place here. Ann-Kathrin, we think you’re great and we are proud of the journey you’ve made so far with us.”