Algae are known for their healthy nutrients. With their high levels of omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid, they have a positive effect on our health and can also help with illnesses. It is no coincidence that algae oil is currently experiencing a real hype.

Hollywood celebrities like Amal Clooney (45) also regularly use algae or seaweed. George Clooney’s wife (62) revealed in an interview with “Vogue” what she prepares for breakfast: boiled eggs and seaweed soup. This might sound unusual to most people, but it is very common in Asia. The soup contains about 20 grams of dried seaweed, 2 celery sticks, 2 cucumbers, 6 ribs of celery, 1 yellow pepper, 1 apple, 1 lime, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Seaweed contains high levels of iodine, iron, calcium, collagen, amino acids and fiber – all important nutrients for the body. They are good for gut health, hair growth, brain function, but also skin texture and elasticity.

In addition to its many ingredients, there are other aspects that speak for the hyped algae oil, such as its vegan nature compared to fish or krill oil. But its effect can also score points. Algae oil can relieve symptoms of rheumatism, prevent high blood pressure and lower blood pressure, inhibit blood clotting and reduce the risk of thrombosis. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, lowers blood lipid levels and stimulates fat metabolism.

By the way, experts recommend a daily dose of around one teaspoon. The oil can either be consumed pure or added to a meal, such as salad dressings, smoothies or muesli. Important: Only consume algae oil cold, as important nutrients can be lost through heat.