Oliver Pocher’s fans were excited about the comedian for weeks. Because the relationship crisis with Amira Pocher could be followed live for everyone.

First she took off her wedding ring, then he appeared at Parookaville without her, where they once made their first appearance together. Then came the – for some foreseeable – separation.

Now Oliver Pocher could be seen at the German Television Prize – with a new woman at his side. He posted a picture together on his Instagram story and captioned it “Barbie and Ken,” as “Watson” reports. “Bild” even claims to have caught the two holding hands.

The woman in the pink dress who was casually leaning on Pocher’s shoulders and grinning into the cameras is Evelyn Burdecki. The 34-year-old became known primarily through her participation in various reality TV formats. “The Bachelor”, jungle camp, “Let’s dance”, “Big Brother”, “Take me out” – she was there everywhere.

She even had her own dating show “Topf sucht Burdecki” last summer, looking for a “man who wants to have children and has a small tummy”, but love on TV hasn’t worked out yet. So now Oliver Pocher?

Rather not. Because now Burdecki provided evidence to the contrary on Instagram. She showed herself with Amira Pocher celebrating her birthday together. She wrote: “If anyone knows what singles need, it’s me… a hug, a hand or even a friendly kiss! I’m there for my friends!”

The message: Burdecki gets along well with both Pochers after the separation. Not a given. Because people often lose some friends after the separation because they choose one of the ex-partners, i.e. one side, so to speak.

Oliver Pocher, on the other hand, is dejected. “I would have liked to have remained your partner at your side for a long time,” he wrote publicly to his ex on his birthday. Just to end the emotional greeting with the words: “P.S.: When is the right time to reactivate your Tinder profile, even though someone like you doesn’t exist a second time…!?”

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