New developments in the Graceland case: The iconic property of Elvis Presley (1935-1977) is said to have been about to be foreclosed on, against which his granddaughter Riley Keough (34) had sued. According to CNN, a hearing in Shelby County, Tennessee District Court on Wednesday (May 22) determined that Thursday’s foreclosure of Graceland would cause “irreparable harm” to Elvis’ granddaughter and was averted. A further hearing should clarify who is the legal owner of the property.

There is said to be a fraud behind the forced sale, which was actually scheduled for May 23rd. Keough filed a lawsuit in May alleging that a company called Naussany Investments, which may not even exist

A court spokeswoman also confirmed to BBC News that there is now an interim injunction against the planned auction. In a statement, Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises told the BBC: “As the court has now made clear, the claims were without merit. There will be no enforcement.” Graceland, which is open to the public, will continue to operate as it has for the past 42 years “to ensure that Elvis fans from around the world can continue to have a wonderful experience when they visit his iconic home.” As the Reuters news agency reports, Naussany Investments

Keough inherited Graceland and much of Presley’s estate after her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, died last year.