For many people it is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The Advent season up to Christmas is therefore often celebrated. The best way to do this is with Advent calendars, which are intended to shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve. Not only children feel the anticipation of Christmas, but also adults. It’s clear that there are also suitable Advent calendars for adults. From spirits to classic chocolate to erotic gifts, everything is included. Here you will find a colorful selection for inspiration, whether to open it yourself or to give as a gift.

Advent calendars with hard liquor, such as gin or , are popular with adults. Different spirits are often hidden behind 24 doors in the calendars, inviting you to discover new things. Who knows, maybe your new favorite drink will be there.

Advent calendar with wine

Miniature bottles of 100 milliliters each are supposed to be hidden behind the 24 doors of this wine advent calendar. There are various wines from Germany, Spain, France and Italy. In addition, everything from white to red and dry or semi-dry to sweet is included, so that all wine lovers get their money’s worth.

Advent calendar with beer

The beer advent calendar contains 24 bottles with different beers from renowned breweries in Germany.

Advent calendar with gin

In this gin advent calendar, gin fans will find 24 different brand gins in miniature bottles as well as cocktail recipes and tasting instructions.

Advent calendars with sweet treats are classic. There is a very large selection of different sweets, so there should be something for every taste.

Advent calendar with chocolate

Chocolate Advent calendars are always well received and shorten the waiting time until Christmas with 24 different pralines and milk chocolates. By the way, there are also alternatives for vegans such as this vegan chocolate advent calendar.

Advent calendar with marzipan

This Advent calendar with marzipan specialties also contains some chocolate.

Advent calendar with dark chocolate

Peppermint and dark chocolate go wonderfully together, which is why there are 24 delicious variations hidden behind the doors of this Advent calendar.

Advent calendar with licorice

Opinions differ when it comes to licorice: you either like it or you don’t. For all liquorice fans, this Advent calendar with creative variations of the liquorice snack is just the thing.

Advent calendars for adults can even bring new impulses into the relationship. Erotic Advent calendars are particularly suitable for this. There are 24 gifts from sex toys, such as a couple’s vibrator, to body cosmetics and bondage accessories such as handcuffs and blindfolds. Popular models include the Advent calendars from or.

In addition to the classic sweet calendars with chocolate, there are also Advent calendars for everyone who prefers savory food.

Advent calendar with salty snacks

Chips are probably one of the most popular salty snacks, so these 24 surprises from this savory Advent calendar with different types of chips should bring joy.

Salty snacks can also be found in this Advent calendar. The selection of different varieties is a little larger, so there are snacks from Chio, Ültje, Funny Frisch and Pom Bär behind the 24 doors.

Advent calendar with spices

Delicious and creative spices can be found in this spice advent calendar.

Who says adults don’t have a playful side? Following the example of the popular exit games and escape rooms, there are also Advent calendars that deal with puzzles.


This escape room advent calendar is an escape room game in book form, because each chapter contains a new escape puzzle that leads to the next chapter and culminates the adventure on December 24th.

Exit Advent Calendar

This exit advent calendar is ideal for families as it offers puzzle fun for ages ten and up and is suitable for children and adults alike.

Advent calendars for adults are diverse, so there are also Advent calendars that are dedicated to the topics of care and cosmetics.

Advent calendar with natural cosmetics

This beauty advent calendar contains 24 natural cosmetics gifts from fragrances to cosmetics to body care products such as shower gels, face and body creams.

In addition to the most popular care products, this Advent calendar also includes practical accessories such as a beauty blender and a facial cleansing glove.

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