It’s not always easy to keep an eye on fashion, since trends are constantly changing. In order not to fall behind, we reveal the eyewear trends for 2023 and present which models are particularly popular this year.

However, the first of the five eyewear trends for 2023 is rather timeless and reserved: glasses with filigree metal frames. They are particularly popular in gold or copper tones, which above all look very elegant. Depending on your taste, you can also choose the temples of the glasses in a more striking color. When it comes to the shape of the glasses, whatever you like is allowed. Great on the thin frame: It doesn’t look so hard, suits many faces and can be combined in many ways.

The second eyewear trend provides the first bit of a retro feeling: round glasses. They always provide a cool touch, but are also quite striking in their style. Tip: Since very round glasses, so-called John Lennon glasses, look good on angular faces, you can also use models that are not completely round. They suit almost all face shapes.

The next trend is also a bit more reserved, but with subtle accents: glasses with transparent plastic frames. They set subtle accents and are eye-catchers due to their unusual look. However, the frames are allowed to have a touch of color. The advantage of these models is that they cover the face less and allow the gaze to appear more open and friendlier. Glasses with a friendly, fresh-looking tortoiseshell frame or a frame in nude tones are also popular.

Matching the sneaker trends there are also glasses with a retro feel this year. If you still have suitable models in your closet, you can now use them again with a clear conscience. Above all, models that are reminiscent of the 1970s are in vogue: shapes that seem a bit too big and too much. The retro glasses naturally make a strong visual statement and should be chosen to match the rest of the look, for example with mom jeans, an oversized sweater and boots or sneakers. And here, too, a thin metal frame is a good fit.

This one is also a bit more eye-catching than the first three eyewear trends for 2023: eyewear with animal prints. If the frame has a conspicuous pattern, this naturally creates an eye-catching effect. Despite their eye-catching look, these models can be combined in many ways. In particular, glasses with a leo pattern can be carried out again this year. But snake or zebra prints also look cool on glasses frames.

Of course, the eyewear trends for 2023 can also be applied to sunglasses – for everyone who doesn’t need visual acuity in everyday life, but doesn’t want to miss out on the trends. Here it is also hip not to take a super dark or fully mirrored version, but rather the more toned down versions that do not completely cover the eyes and appear friendly with warm tones.

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