Who will succeed Daniel Craig (55) as James Bond? There is still no official answer to this question, although speculation has been rife for many months. In the meantime, however, one actor is said to have emerged as the absolute favorite: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (33).

Idris Elba (51), Tom Hardy (46), James Norton (38), Henry Cavill (40) and Regé Jean-Page (35) are just some of the big names that have already fallen for the 007 role goes. Taylor-Johnson has also been talked about for a while. According to a report in the British “Daily Mail”, the 33-year-old Brit is now “extremely close” to winning the agent race. He is said to have convinced Bond producer Barbara Broccoli (63).

“Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently the hot favorite for the iconic role, he is Barbara Brocoli’s first choice – and the one to beat,” an anonymous source explained. As early as November 2022, the British “Sun” reported that Taylor-Johnson was said to have convinced the producer at a secret audition and has been one of the frontrunners ever since.

There has also been speculation about the next Bond director for some time. According to the current report, “Oppenheimer” maker Christopher Nolan (53) is currently a “likely” candidate. “He’s extremely interested in doing something completely different with the franchise,” says the insider. If Nolan can get his way with the producers, he would reportedly be happy to be on board.

In July, Nolan indicated on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast that he was generally interested, but that there were a few things to consider. “The influence of these films on my filmography is embarrassingly obvious. […] It would be an incredible privilege to direct one,” said Nolan. At the same time, there are also certain limits within which you have to work when you dedicate yourself to a character like James Bond.