Clap end for the screenwriter Colo Tavernier. She died in the night from Friday to Saturday as the result of cancer, according to a press release of the Institute Light. Award-winning the César, she wrote to Claude Chabrol and Bertrand Tavernier, her ex-husband. Of irish and French-Spanish, Colo Tavernier O’hagan has written for film and television and won the 1985 César for best adaptation for “A Sunday in the country”. In 1995, “The Bait”, for which she wrote the screenplay, won the golden Bear at the Berlin film Festival. “The life we had separated but I feel an emptiness and lack. Colo formed me, shoved, makes it grow. We have raised all Nils (Tavernier, actor and director, ed) and Tiffany (a writer) which I think this morning,” says Bertrand Tavernier, president of the Lumière Institute, in the press release.

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“I remember a sunny personality, full of character and joy, caring and fiercely independent. As a screenwriter, Colo chose always strong stories, there was a very personal thing and drew always something very universal”, has welcomed his side, Thierry Frémaux, director of the Lumière Institute.