fling In the flu children, may apply, as a rule, the rights of a Virus. But what is the role of the Junior plays in the spread of the Coronavirus? Researchers from the country have new insights.

Stuttgart (dpa/lsw) – children are not infected to a study from Baden-Württemberg, according to so often with the Coronavirus as their parents. This is the result of a large study of teaching hospitals in the country, which was presented on Tuesday in Stuttgart.

children had been infected, therefore, less likely than their parents and that they were not to be regarded as the driver of this infection, said Klaus-Michael Debatin, Medical Director of the children’s hospital at the University hospital in Ulm.

2500 children under ten years of age and a parent tested

The four University hospitals in Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen and Ulm are behind the investigation. For the study of 5000 people who had no symptoms on the Virus and on the antibody tested, including 2500 children under ten years of age, and parents. With a view to the case numbers Debatin voice of one of the largest studies in the world.

during The study period of 22. April to 15. May was currently only a parent-child Pairs infected. 64 Tested had developed antibodies, and largely unnoticed, a Corona-infection, which corresponds to a frequency of 1.3 percent. Including 45 adults and 19 children were. It was, therefore, far from a herd immunity, said Debatin. Children in emergency care were not infected according to the results, more often than others.

route of transmission of syphilis is not apparent.

You have not investigated with the study, however, is whether children are particularly infectious, said Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Chairman of the centre for infectious diseases at Heidelberg University hospital. You could also pair the positively tested, parent-child, no General statement about who is infected.

The role of children in the spread of the Virus plays a crucial role in the reopening of kindergartens and primary schools in the country.

Preliminary report of the study