“I didn’t have so much to do,” explains Cathy Lugner to RTL and continues: “people ask me ‘God has a new face put on leave?’ No!“ so Lugner.

a look at this post on Instagram ANO contribution divided by ???? ????? ? (@cathy.lugner) on Apr 28, 2020 at 8:20 PM PDT

“That’s it”

Then you begin to enumerate what she has let everything in the past few years and explains: “My nose I can make. I also had a dimple that I didn’t like, then I’ve made a few things in the face. A bit of hyaluronic acid. The lips I’ve injected me, and I’m very happy about it. And the nose and the Boobs and that’s it!“

if you Look at pictures from the year 2014, from the wedding with Richard Lugner, looks like Cathy is actually a bit different. The nose is rounder and the dimple on the chin is clearly visible…

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