Film director Andreas Dresen wants to remain curious in his new decade. “I want to experience new things, I like being with people,” said the artist shortly before his 60th birthday on August 16.

Recently while directing at the Semperoper in Dresden he met interesting people from all over the world. “We’re not just talking about art. That’s nice, especially in these times.” It is clear that the pressure to produce does not exactly make you younger. Nevertheless, he still has a lot planned: “I would really like to do a few more laps.”

A film classic in view

In the coming year, Dresen (“half a staircase”, “when we dreamed”) wants to implement a long-planned project – a new cinematic version of “Christmas Goose Auguste”. The script is almost finished, the director said. He is not afraid to be measured against the old Auguste film classic. “We’re going to do it very differently.” With the possibilities of animation, you can give the goose its own character and don’t have to resort to a cardboard prop or a real animal.

During the corona pandemic, Dresen made two films: The strip “Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush” about the illegal detention of a man in the US Guantanamo prison camp; a film about resistance fighter Hilde Coppi has just been completed.

The East remains an issue

Dresen also keeps an eye on East German issues. “I’ve definitely worked my way through the East. But the topic isn’t over, it also has something to do with my origins. If you look at the GDR, you shouldn’t look at it with clich├ęs, but rather as precisely as possible. That What often annoys me about the public debate is that things that are very complex are greatly simplified.”

“I’m in the fortunate position of being able to make a good living from a job that I enjoy – in contrast to many other people in this country. I consider it a great privilege,” emphasized the director. But he doesn’t do his job for money. “If that was the main driver, I wouldn’t be doing art house films.” He doesn’t need riches to be happy.

After 30 years of self-employment, Dresen no longer has any existential fears. “There were certainly situations where I didn’t know how to fill the fridge,” he looks back. “But that was a few years ago.” It is clear that one does not regularly earn money in this industry. “I’ve gotten used to that.”

fun with music

Dresen doesn’t like the red carpets that much. “I generally like to fly under the radar, prefer to be backstage.” He only likes to be on stage when he performs with his band. “I think it’s nice to make music with others and to be able to take part. As a director, I’m usually just a spectator. Especially in a rock band there’s a lot of energy, like a herd of horses galloping off.”

Dresen does not want to accept all offers in the future either. “I don’t feel like certain things. I cancel them. Because I wouldn’t be happy with that,” said the artist. As early as the 1990s, he decided not to shoot any series. “There’s really great stuff there, but I have a different way of working and I’m too slow for that. That’s why I focus on one-off productions, things that I’m curious about and don’t repeat myself on. I want to stay adventurous and unfamiliar spaces discover.”