The authorities speak of “war” mechanism, and accordingly it looks on Sunday around the fresh market, Xinfadi in the South of Beijing: In the case of a crisis, the authorities in the Chinese capital have been asked to meet to go in the “state of war”, to prevent a second outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19. Hundreds of police and para-military are in the streets of the district of Fengtai on-the-go. The access to the huge market that is considered to be the starting point of dozens of new coronavirus infection cases in the capital city, is cordoned off and is strictly controlled. On the streets of the adjacent residential area, hardly anyone is on the road, because the authorities have imposed a drastic curfew.

Normally, a large part of the supply to the Chinese capital to be running on the Xinfadi market with fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Now, however, he becomes a Symbol for the fear of a second wave of Infection: last Thursday, a Corona, it was established in Beijing for the first time in two months re-infection case. In the case of the Infected was a visitor to the market that was not traveled in the last time. Andy Wong/AP/dpa

Within a few days the Virus spread, even in regions outside of Beijing it has been worn: On Sunday, the authorities had reported the highest number of new infections for two months. Of the 57 new cases, 36 were in Beijing, these were all the Xinfadi market back to track.

The newly discovered Virus, according to a preliminary sequencing of the Genstamms different than the type that has plagued the Land previously home , such as Zeng Guang, an epidemiologist of the Department of health, according to the “Global Times” of Sunday reported. The results will be compared with analyses from other countries, in order to determine the origin.

In the fight against the spread of the Virus, the Chinese authorities put locks on drastic output: ring to market several residential have been sealed off areas. According to empty of people most of the roads are on Sunday. Lonely a ladder against the boundary wall to the sealed-off apartment complexes rejects. Rarely someone will come by and supplied over the conductors in the complex fixed members and friends with food.

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